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Tony Odea

Tony started off his career as an international athlete with the British Biathlon team (Cross country skiing and shooting) in 1988.

He worked closely with the British Olympic Medical Centre, sports psychologists and a variety of coaches from the UK and Eastern Europe during his six years with the team. During this time he was fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the Northern hemisphere and still feels at home within the peace that accompanies desolate winter landscapes. During this time Tony was awakened to the wonder of diverse cultures and beliefs and although he had reached his physical peak after keeping to a strict training programme for six years he felt it was time to expand his knowledge of different cultures further.

He bought a set of bag pipes with a tutor book and cassette and having never played them before decided to busk around the world. For two years Tony worked as a musician throughout India, Nepal, Thailand, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Through his music he managed to engage all the communities that he encountered on a much deeper level and was accepted as more than a tourist. Tony found himself being invited to talk on Melbourne radio along with performing for various folk clubs and professional bands (Due mainly to his unusual instrument). During his travels Tony recognised the truly healing effects of music and through his music he met a variety of traditional healers.

On returning to the UK in 1997 Tony continued to play professionally throughout the country and began to study healing traditions. A chance meeting allowed Tony to reconnect with the great outdoors again and after working in a variety of mountain centres including The National Mountain Centre in North Wales. He now has a teaching certificate in Outdoor Education (He is a qualified kayaking/climbing instructor and mountain leader).

Never one to follow mainstream ideas Tony plunged himself into the forefront of Educational project initiatives in Wales, taking on the job of steering the country’s first Social Inclusion Centre for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Tony now works a two day week within the same setting and enjoys the balance between this and working in the corporate arena with Team International.

Tony spent the last ten years as a management consultant specialising in Outdoor Management development. He helped to shape recent marketing strategy at Team International based on employee engagement. In 2011 Tony arranged three seminars on employee engagement.  Each has been the culmination of a regional sales campaign and a number of new successful accounts have been created due to this focus. 

Tony has designed development courses for both the public and private sectors. Recent clients include:

The Homes and Community Agency This was to create an event to embed the desired outcome set out by Sir Bob Kirslake, the Minister overseeing the agency. The outcome was focused on attitudinal change prior to the release of budgets for a 2-year project. The programme was delivered to 20 regional directors for the UK.

Wakefield Council Senior Management Team and Hull City Council Senior Management Team This was aimed at establishing the core values by consensus, and then engaging in an OMD event to highlight the expected behaviours congruent to the Values chosen. 

Aviva Insurance The Work carried out for focused on specific key issues, which needed to be overcome for the team to move through a challenging period.  

Bombardier Civil Engineering Tony was a senior tutor on an ongoing Graduate training programme in Leadership

University of Central Lancashire. Tony created a pioneering E-Learning platform for the University to assist HM Forces officers to complete a Degree programme on Entrepreneurial Leadership remotely, from places like Afghanistan, whilst on tours of duty.

Balfour Beatty During 2006 – 2010 Tony worked as senior Tutor on a project carried out annually for the Graduate training programme. Balfour wanted their managers to be trained in management theory and to lead a college student group through an outdoor management event to embed the learning.  

Tony completed a post-graduate certificate in education in 2002 after completing a BA (Hons) in Business and I.T. He is also completing a certificate in Transactional Analysis which is one of the main influences on his development work. 

His interests include playing Irish jigs and reels on pipes, writing songs for guitar, white water kayaking, climbing, mountain walking, nutrition, reading anything metaphysical, Reiki healing, yoga ( completed 4years of intensive 1-1 Ashtanga yoga tuition). He is a tea total vegetarian with a deep and profound connection with the world we live in. He has a sincere urge to reduce the suffering endured by people and follows a Buddhist path.