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Melanie Pullan

Melanie is an Occupational Psychologist and qualified Executive Coach.

She has a particular interest in personal development with a focus on addressing issues such as

  • performance management
  • time management
  • developing communication
  • inter-personal skills,
  • goal setting, and
  • building confidence.

Experience Prior to completing her Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology,

Melanie worked in marketing, with charities, and in a legal practice. She has held executive positions, including as a project manager, conference organiser, and latterly as Director Communications for a Services charity. As well as the normal challenges such positions present, she has gained significant experience in management of teams, fundraising, and dealing with the media.

As a consultant, she has conducted organisational reviews and presented recommendations for the development of strategy. She has worked as an executive coach in the private and public sector, as an assessor she has delivered strategic and middle-management level assessment centre work in the public sector.

Most recently she has developed a middle-management assessment centre for a public sector organization.

Melanie has delivered workshops such as performance management coaching training to public organizations, and communication skills, time management, work-life balance, and strategic personal change workshops in the private sector.

She has assisted the Armed Forces with out-placement coaching and helped improve delivery of their train-the-trainer instruction.

She is qualified to BPS (British Psychological Society) Level A and Level B in psychometric testing, she is an MBTI practitioner, and has access to a wide range of cognitive ability tests and personality profiling assessments.


Melanie offers a solution-focussed approach to coaching and development in order to align potential with an organisation’s objectives within the context of the organisation’s culture. In finding solutions she builds on sound academic foundations applied through the prism of her experience in the workplace and a practical understanding of human behaviour.

Melanie is approachable, empathetic, and warm, but maintains a determined focus on the client’s objectives in order to unlock individual and collective potential and enhance performance.