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Womenzone is about addressing the needs of women in today's society. The post feminist era has meant that we can have careers, family and a social life!

But to what cost?

  • What is the state of our health and the balance of our mind, body and soul?
  • How many women still put themselves last?

Stress has become something we learn to live with.

At Womenzone we recognise that women need to get away from it all at certain times, leaving kids, partners, obligations and responsibilities behind for a much needed respite.

We all need space in our lives to reflect, learn and adapt to our constantly changing environment. The courses that we are offering have been designed as such to address these needs; to be enriching to mind, body and soul:

  • We share thoughts and feelings, problems and solutions using management training awareness exercises, or simply from sitting in a circle around a fire.
  • We use yoga, pilates and dance to stimulate out bodies.
  • We retreat into the mountains, beaches, rivers and waterfalls of Snowdonia to breathe in the beauty. They are peaceful, inspiring and challenging backdrops to promote learning.
  • We find time for ourselves, reconnect, reenergise and learn new and exciting skills along the way.

No outdoor experience is necessary and all activities meet individual needs, whether you are a beginner or the more experienced adventurer. There is no competitive element it is up to YOU how far you want to go.

We, at Womenzone, do not provide psychological counselling, or psychoanalysis. There is no intention to 'treat', change or 'fix' anyone. We simply provide a safe space for women to enjoy, learn, explore and become more aware of ourselves and the world around us.


Target Audience:

The courses are run by women, for women in a peaceful environment.

Course Duration:




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