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Time Management

"I wasted time and now time doth waste me" - William Shakespeare

"We can sell our time, but we can’t buy it back again"  - Paul Coehlio


Top executives are money rich and time poor. Downsizing and redundancy programmes have put even more pressure on those that are in employment. Quality time is one of our most precious resources. Lost time can never be replaced. Learn effective time management by enrolling on this course now!


To improve the time management of those who attend so that they manage their own time better and the time of those that report to them.


Experiential Learning:

  • Simulated management tasks
  • Group Reviews. Individual feedback and disclosure
  • Theory sessions on management concepts
  • Action planning for transfer to work


  • Aims and Objectives. Personal Goal setting. Key Performance Indicators.
  • Time as a resource§ Star time, Need time, Elective time
  • Kyros time and Chronos time§ Pareto Principle. The 20/80 rule and the Law of diminishing returns
  • The 5 Stress drivers
  • Covey’s box.
  • Keeping a diary. Daily, weekly and monthly schedules.
  • Maintaining a time log
  • The Year Plan§ How to procrastinate§ Dealing with time bandits
  • Delegation. Working with subordinates
  • The 5 Ps: PIMs, PDAs, Palmtops, Personal Computers and Phones
  • To do lists. How to prioritise
  • Planning ahead. Making routines work for you
  • Appointments with your self
  • When things get hectic. Stop, breathe, and smile.


By the end of the course delegates will

  • have set clear personal and company goals
  • treat time as a precious resource
  • delegate more effectively
  • have developed a time discipline for themselves and their staff
  • know their main stressors and stress drivers and how to deal with them
  • be able to prioritise tasks
  • be familiar with the latest time management programmes and gadgets
  • know the difference between that which is urgent and that which is important
  • go home on time and enjoy their leisure 

Target Audience:

All managers who go home late, take work home, work at weekends, miss deadlines, get bogged down with trivial tasks, waste time (their own and others)

Course Duration:

1 day

Investment: £225 per delegate day.


Phone: 01286 660330
Fax: 01286 660921
E-mail: info @ teaminternational.co.uk

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