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Sales Management

"I hire eagles and get them to fly in formation" - Jack Welch


This is one of the most comprehensive Sales Managers Courses on the Market. It can be ‘unbundled’ into separate modules that can be combined with other modules in our portfolio to tailor a programme specifically for your needs. This ensures a professional approach when dealing with prospective clients and existing customers.


To teach the skills, knowledge, techniques, attitudes required to run a successful Sales Operation


Theory and Experential learning:

  • Experiential tasks. Role play
  • Group Reviews. Individual feedback and disclosure
  • Theory sessions on management concepts
  • Action planning for transfer to work


  • Selection interviewing
  • Skills, attitudes, behaviours required in a successful sales force
  • Key activity ratios - how to set and monitor
  • Setting targets and beating them
  • Setting standards and maintaining them
  • Motivating on a daily basis
  • Counselling and coaching in a Sales environment
  • Running effective team meetings
  • Appraising performance
  • The use of visuals and graphs
  • Distance communicating with sales people by telephone, fax, e-mail, voice mail
  • Territory management
  • Commission schemes and Incentive schemes that work
  • Maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • Advertising, Sales promotions, Exhibitions, Company conferences
  • Maintaining customer records
  • Collecting and interpreting data
  • Discipline procedures
  • Expense accounts
  • Forecasting against plan
  • Profitable product mixes
  • Developing staff - Personal development programmes
  • Job descriptions and job specifications
  • Telesales operations
  • Liaison with other departments particularly Marketing, Credit control, Order processing & Customer Service
  • Major Accounts & Key Account Management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Training methods - Tapes, films, Videos, Books, lectures,CDs, Seminars
  • Field accompaniment


By the end of the course delegates will

  • Interview and select the best candidates for the job.
  • Agree standards and targets that stretch and motivate.
  • Monitor progress with clear simple controls and charts.
  • Use key ratios to appraise performance and highlight training needs.
  • Organise appropriate in-house skill training programmes
  • Use incentive schemes that motivate, satisfy and reward.
  • Counsel staff and support them.
  • Field accompany sales people. Give constructive. feedback and coaching
  • Run effective team meetings.
  • Manage sales people over a distance.
  • Agree remuneration schemes that reward high performance
  • Maintain positive mental attitude and an empowering sales environment at all times.
  • Maintain accurate customer records with relevant data.
  • Work with other departments to achieve local and corporate goals
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment in which to work.
  • Organise effective exhibitions, seminars, customer workshops, focus groups and promotions to boost sales.
  • Contribute fully and inspire others at Company Conferences
  • Write clear job descriptions.
  • Establish clear roles within the team.
  • Accurately forecast on a monthly and yearly basis.
  • Steer the sales team to the most profitable product mixes. 

Target Audience:

Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Brand Managers, Franchise Managers, Dealer Principals, Any manager responsible for increasing Sales, improving Quality and developing Sales Capability

Course Duration:

1 day pre course, 5 day course, 2 days follow up

Investment: £275 per delegate day.


Phone: 01286 660330
Fax: 01286 660921
E-mail: info @ teaminternational.co.uk

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