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Sales and Marketing


The Sales Force is the lifeblood of the Company. A highly motivated top scoring Sales Team is essential to the success of the organisation. Without sales a Company dies. When choosing and training salespeople we need to concentrate on 4 areas:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Activity Rate
  • Attitude

Salespeople are in the front line; they are at once your commandos and your ambassadors. Their standards are those by which your clients judge your organisation. Yet many companies inadequately prepare their sales force for this task. Make sure your people are prepared in a competitive world.


To drastically improve the sales capability of all who attend 


Experential learning:

  • Role Play
  • Group Reviews. Individual feedback and disclosure
  • Theory sessions on the sales process
  • Action planning for transfer to work
  • Team International Sales System, a unique, transferable process that breaks down negotiation into its constituent parts. Apply this process to any product or service and add to your future portfolio with minimum training.


  • Module 1: Setting Sales Targets. Maintaining Standards
  • Module 2: Features, Advantages and Benefits. Products and Services
  • Module 3: The Sales Cycle. Key Performance Indicators. Monitoring Sales
  • Module 4: Generating and Qualifying Leads. Contact Management Systems
  • Module 5: Using the telephone. Telesales. Telemarketing
  • Module 6: Qualifying leads. From suspect to prospect. Prospect Bank.
  • Module 7: Needs Analysis. FAB. Building a Benefit Bank
  • Module 8: Face to face selling. Probing. Supporting. Proof Statements
  • Module 9: Handling Objections
  • Module 10: Closing Techniques
  • Module 11: Constructing a Sightseller. Case Histories. 3rd Party references
  • Module 12: Designing mailshots. Brochures. Letters. Writing Proposals
  • Module 13: Marketing and PR
  • Module 14: Exhibitions
  • Module 15: Key Account Management. Referrals


By the end of the course delegates will

  • be consciously competent. Measure their own key ratios
  • understand the sales process and how to apply it to achieve success
  • be more knowledgeable about their products and services
  • be highly motivated to succeed. Work harder and smarter 

Target Audience:

Anyone in sales who would benefit from training in sales process. Newly appointed salespeople will get up to speed far more quickly. Experienced salespeople will benefit from and be motivated by the fresh approach.

Course Duration:

5 x 1 day modules

Investment: £250 per delegate day.


Phone: 01286 660330
Fax: 01286 660921
E-mail: info @ teaminternational.co.uk

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