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Objective Setting

"If you dont know where you are going you'll probably end up somewhere else" - Anon


The ability to set clear objectives and to communicate them to others is one of the most important skills that you will ever learn.
Studies at Harvard University showed that only 7% of the students set clear, definable goals when they left. Twenty years later that 7% had amassed more wealth than the other 93% put together. Not only that but they scored consistently more highly on other criteria such as social integration, happy family life, good physical health, etc.


To enable delegates to set SMARTER objectives 


Experential learning

  • Simulated management tasks
  • Group Reviews. Individual feedback and disclosure
  • Theory sessions on management concepts
  • Action planning for transfer to work


  • The 2 types of objectives: Targets and standards
  • Task, Team and Individual objectives
  • S.M.A.R.T.E.R. objectives
  • Action centred leadership
  • Belief systems and how they affect your objective setting
  • The Communication Gap: What you say you want and what you really need.
  • The Hierarchy of objectives
  • Benchmarks and milestones
  • Key performance indicators
  • Prioritising objectives. Covey’s Square
  • Managing objectives. The Control Cycle
  • Achieving objectives. The Action Plan


By the end of the course delegates will

  • Be able to set SMARTER objectives
  • Balance the needs of the task the team and the individual
  • Be able to prioritise
  • Set high standards
  • Monitor performance targets and key performance indicators
  • Establish benchmarks and milestones 

Target Audience:

This powerful workshop enables participants to take time out to look more closely at their goals, re-assess them, and structure their lives accordingly. For those who find it difficult to set objectives and who feel they are drifting, this is an ideal opportunity to regain control. For those who know what they want, but are frustrated in their achievements, this workshop provides ways of becoming ‘un-stuck’ For those who wish to change direction this workshop identifies means of transformation

Course Duration:

1 day + 1 day follow up

Investment: £225 per delegate day


Phone: 01286 660330
Fax: 01286 660921
E-mail: info @ teaminternational.co.uk

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