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Freshfields Animal Rescue

I have been working as a consultant for Freshfields Animal Rescue for 10 years now. The founder, Lesley Tarleton, has fought against all odds to establish this amazing organisation. She started by re-homing one unwanted dog, about to be put down by her local vet in Liverpool, and grew to establish a registered Charity with 2 Rescue Centres, taking in unwanted, abused, sick, old, and homeless animals.

Feisty, funny, highly emotional, steely, yet fragile, inspirational, charismatic and driven, Lesley has no idea how highly she is regarded by her staff and all who meet her. She has no business training yet she is the ultimate entrepreneur. I define an entrepreneur as one who operates in such a way that anybody or anything that comes within reach is an immediate resource. Lesley has been a fighter all her life. Read her book, it’s in the genes. You can buy it on the website or search on Amazon for "The dog with no name". It is funny, moving and inspirational. The foreword is by Paul O'Grady, who on occasions, uses his programme to rehome our dogs.

Caring for these animals, many needing urgent and sustained treatment, is a gruelling, demanding, horrifying, sad, sometimes joyful and immensely rewarding vocation. With a policy that no animal is put down unless in terminal pain and advised by the vet, Freshfields cares for and re-homes over 2000 animals a year.

Due to the increased demand, linked to the recession, it now costs £1.2 million a year to run. There is no funding. Every penny has to be raised. Freshfields is a registered Charity.

What you can do: As part of our Make a Difference campaign you can:


  • Adopt an animal

  • Enrol as an Animal Foster/Carer

  • Sponsor an Animal

  • Join your local support group

  • Support your local Shop

  • Volunteer at one of the Centres

  • Organise Fundraising

  • Make a regular donation

  • Display a collection tin

  • Donate food to our collection bins in shops

  • Leave a gift in your will

  • Buy Lesley’s book

  • Follow Lesley’s blog

  • Tell your friends about us

  • Learn from the website

Visit the Freshfields website where you will learn all about the Animals and how to help:


Target Audience:

Anyone who loves animals.

Course Duration:

Once hooked, it could be for life!

Investment: Time and love, and money if you have some



Freshfields Animal Rescue

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