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Communication Skills

"To Listen so deeply as to hear the words that are left unsaid" - Thich Nhat Hahn

"I never know what I've said until I've heard the reply" - Sam Goldwyn


The ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues has a dramatic effect on efficiency, motivation and the feedback to a business. For those who need to extract information, or to communicate business decisions and strategies, effective communication skills are vital.


For delegates to understand and apply advanced communication skills.


Theory and experiential learning:

  • Theories of perception and reality
  • Experiential communication exercises
  • Role play
  • Feedback and disclosure exercises
  • Understanding preferred communication modes


  • Communication tools
  • Responsibility for communication outcomes
  • Using basic NLP techniques
  • Levels of communication
  • Non verbal communication and congruency
  • Understanding desired outcomes
  • Influencing and negotiation skills
  • Dialogue
  • Active listening. Deep listening
  • Building rapport. Creating empathy
  • Principles of Transactional Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence in the communication process.
  • Behavioural Categories


By the end of the course delegates will

  • Have a better understanding of the complexities of communication
  • Be more aware of what they want to communicate
  • Be more effective in delivering messages
  • Have more refined listening skills 

Target Audience:

Anyone in the business who wants to deepen and improve his or her communication skills.

Course Duration:

1 day

Investment: £225 per delegate day.


Phone: 01286 660330
Fax: 01286 660921
E-mail: info @ teaminternational.co.uk

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