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7. Solar Panels can harvest the Sun!

Author: Barry Thorogood

Added: November 06 2013

"Every hour the sun beams onto the Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year" National Geographic Magazine.


You may wonder why, with all this free, sustainable energy available from the sun, we continue to build fossil fuel guzzling Power stations that pump carbon into the atmosphere and destroy our planet.


You may wonder why we continue to install Nuclear Power stations that will pollute the Earth with dangerous, radio-active toxins for generations, under the guise of 'clean energy'.


You may wonder why, when global energy prices have dropped, your electricity bill has risen by over 10% and will continue to rise each year in the future? And why the ‘big six’ control 90% of the market?


Or perhaps, deep in your heart, you do know why.


PLANET EARTH is our only home! If we continue in our present ways, we will destroy it for future generations. We must change!


As Joan Ruddick MP said - “We borrow this Earth from our children. In what state will we give it back?”


We know the solution. But solutions written on paper achieve nothing.




Team International is pleased to announce that we are working closely with SolarFieldsUK, who are backed by IZEN, a World Class Renewable Energy Company. IZEN has been trading successfully in this market for 30 years and designs, sells, supplies, fits, manages, maintains, monitors and guarantees commercial renewable energy systems. SolarFieldsUK specialises in pv systems (photovoltaic solar panels). They can install them on your roof, whether domestic or commercial, such as manufacturing units, warehouses, showrooms, offices, dairy farms, etc. The panels can also be ground mounted, or constructed to provide covered car parks!

We are delighted to enter this market, as Team International have been supporting and campaigning for Renewable Energy for several years.

Have you got a need for cheaper electricity? Are you worried about escalating energy costs in the future? Do you have a suitable roof for mounting solar panels? It could be an office, showrooms, factory, retail outlet - you could be using this free space to save or make money!


For further information contact Barry Thorogood
Tel: 01286 660 330
Mob: 07850 909 335


PURCHASE: Energy from the sun costs nothing, once you have installed and paid for your solar panels. Not only that, you get government backed money for the electricity you produce from the electricity suppliers! This eventually covers the initial cost of installation (usually within a payback period of less than 7 years), and, from that point onwards, you are harvesting free energy from the Sun.

Many people are unaware that the cost of installing solar panels has dropped dramatically, and that their efficiency has increased. The return on Investment on a recent system that SolarFieldsUK installed was a staggering 15.8%. This can be a low risk, high return investment.


Phone Barry on 01286 660 330 or 07850 909 335 to discuss your requirements.


RENTAL: In some cases, SolarFieldsUK are able to rent your commercial roof or any free ground space from you, and will supply and fit the system for FREE! Your rental income increases every year in line with the RPI over a period of 25 years. As SolarFieldsUK own the system, they are able to sell back to you the electricity they generate at a cheaper price than you are currently paying. They can also cap any price rises at 4%. This represents a Quadruple Whammy!

Provided you qualify you get:


1. Free Installation

2. Rental income linked to RPI and guaranteed over 25 years

3. Cheaper electricity

4. Price rises capped to 4%


Phone Barry on 01286 660 330 or 07850 909 335 to discuss this option.

7. Solar Panels can harvest the Sun!