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3. Increasing awareness & centering your energy

Author: Barry Thorogood

Added: December 02 2012


How did your reflection go? How about sharing it by posting a comment? Don’t be shy. You are among friends! 

Remember that the third jewel of Management/Buddhism is the Sangha – the group of people that you build round you who can support you in your objectives. That may be what Peter Knights meant when he posted on my page in ‘Linkedin’ that the formation of the Team International group is 'like returning to a family.' 

Structured disclosure is a means of sharing your thoughts, your feelings, how your body is at this moment, (i.e. your physical state), how your Spirit is and what your needs are. We call this a structured, holistic disclosure or TFBSN (Thoughts, Feelings, Body state, Spirit and Needs). The only rule is that you be honest.

It is very easy to do. Each person present completes all of the following statements in turn. Then another completes their statements, and so on, until each person has spoken. It is important that every person present fully participates. You may need to introduce a contract, as some people, due to nervousness, fear or other reasons, may decide to sabotage the procedure.This technique is invaluable in team building, families or in relationships. These are the statements:

“ I am thinking …”“ I am feeling …”
“ My body state is …”“ My spirit is …”
“ I need …”

It is best to start each meeting with this and to complete each meeting with a TFBSN. While a person is speaking, the others need to listen quietly, without judgment and without interrupting. The whole process encourages what the Buddhists term “Deep Listening” i.e. “To listen so deeply, that you hear the words that are left unsaid.”

Those of you who have attended our workshops know how useful TFBSN is. It is like introducing a thermometer into a group. It helps you to understand what is going on for the other members of your team and, just as important, it helps them to understand what is going on for you. (It can also help YOU to understand what is going on for you!). It is holistic, as it deals with your cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. 

The act of this holistic disclosure helps you to CENTRE YOUR ENERGY. When your energy is dispersed you cannot make good decisions, and you are not able to connect with others. When your energy is CENTRED, you are strong and calm and you transmit this strength and serenity to others in the group. Later on we will show you some centering techniques. They are very useful in potentially stressful situations. 


Now this is interesting: All human beings vibrate at different frequencies and at different levels, dependent on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. When a team is AWARE, each individual team member picks up these vibrations at the deepest level and RESONANCE occurs. 
It is rather like when you tap a tuning fork in one part of the room, and another tuning fork in different part of the room picks up the vibrations and begins to vibrate at the same frequency. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has conducted some remarkable experiments on this and calls it 'morphic resonance.'

Awareness is therefore the key to good teamwork and healthy relationships. Unaware individuals are unaware of how their behaviours (speech and actions) affect others and can unwittingly sabotage and destroy teams (and relationships!) without realising the negative effects that they create.

Do you know any unaware people? wink) 

When working on your self-development start by working on your own Awareness. This can be done with the help of your team, family or partner by using our structured, constructive feedback system (see later) 

Resonance enables the group to produce SYNERGY. The definition of synergy is the combination of individual energies to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. 

A team that knows how to produce synergy can achieve far more than a disparate (desperate?) bunch of individuals who are all pursuing their own agendas. 

The combined energy of centered, aware individuals produces a force or synergy that can move (or at least climb!) mountains. By using TFBNS you are on your way to producing TEAM SPIRIT, that mystical goal that all organisations aim to foster, but few know how to attain. 

Hope this is useful. 


3. Increasing awareness & centering your energy