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6. Happy New Year!

Author: Barry Thorogood

Added: January 21 2013

Happy New Year everybody! I hope that it is a healthy and prosperous one for you all.

I have just taken the dogs for a walk along the beach outside my house. It is a beautiful sunny day, with a blue sky and a gentle lapping sea. it is actually warm out! (Well, for this time of year in North Wales!)

3 days ago I was in my 4x4 taking over 500 tins & 480 sachets of catfood up to Freshfields Animal Rescue. Although it is only 5 miles away, it is in a remote hill farm.  My Mitsubishi Shogun could only get within 2 miles of the Animal Rescue Centre, and I had to stash the tins of cat food at a friendly neighbour's house. I left the car there, and walked the rest of the way carrying sachets of Kitten food in my rucksack The snow was so deep and the blizzard so fierce that I had to walk along the tops of walls, that were on each side of the snow filled road. To protect my eyes I had to walk backwards. Sometimes it was a complete white out. How quickly things can change!

On Saturday I was able to get the tins of food up to the bottom of the lane leading up to Freshfields, where there were 8 foot high snowdrifts! The staff were brilliant (those that could get in) and carried food up to the top every time they went up. We also had to dig Lesley out of her cottage, and the horses out of their stables as there were 5 foot snow drifts up against the stable doors making them unopenable. Finally, yesterday, Dave the handyman, carved a way out with the tractor. Lesley bought the tractor in November in anticipation of the winter. We are now watching the weather Forecast!

As you can imagine, I do not do this sort of thing for all my clients, although some seem to need digging out of something other than snow!

If you want to help in any way, please see the Freshfields Rescue page on our website. Every little helps! Without the kind donations of people like you, we could never have purchased the tractor, and Freshfields would still be cut off with no deliveries. This could have fatal consequencies for some of the older animals and those needing treatment. Life is very tough at Animal Rescue Centres as they are entirely dependent on donations and volunteers.

As for 2013 there is lots happening. Team International, continues to run courses, despite the recession. Our clients see training and development as a long-term investment rather than a short-term overhead.

Another long term investment is Solar panelling. You can get your money back in 6 years with some systems, after which your electricity is free. Our last client is enjoying a 15.8% ROI,  Much better than an ISA! He is also saving the planet. 

We are also starting up a Company that sets up Solar Farms, so if you have a quarter of an acre going spare please contact us. You could earn rent and help to harvest the sun!

In my next blog I will deal with Renewable Energy.

Happy New Year!

Time to invest in our future!

Barry smile

6. Happy New Year!