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About Us

Team International consultants have been fixing, building and developing organisations for over 30 years. Every course is closely monitored and feedback gathered from thousands of participants has been incorporated into a programme of continuous improvement. The result is a vast storehouse of knowledge, skills, techniques and experience. Underlying this is a solid ethical and spiritual base founded on respect for others, a commitment to excellence, and an awe of human potential. We love our work and are proud of our clients’ achievements, as a result of our interventions.

Our Principles

Fun, Health, Ethics. Enjoy everything. We have always cared passionately about the Earth - it is so beautiful and provides everything that we need to sustain Life. However, as Joan Ruddick stated: "We borrow this Earth from our children. In what state will we give it back?" Large Corporations and Multi-nationals have budgets larger than many third world countries. As a manager you are in an unique position of influence to change the world. Join our debate on Corporate Responsibility. Begin here with a paradigm shift in your own awareness by attending one of our programmes and roll that out to transform your own organisation.